Well I did get the ancestry info I was waiting for. Weird, never thought that this was an expected result. I always thought that I would be Dutch and German. However, the results are as follows; 44% Scandinavian, 33% British, 25% Western Europe and 1% Irish and < 1% Greek and Italian.

At least I now can claim legitimately that I am Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.



Today I moved my copper pipe pyramid. It was out of alignment (for some time already) after a minor collision between it and my tractor.

I used my cell phone compass to align it, weird thing is that the compass kept on moving 10 degrees either way and would not settle on the magnetic north.

When I placed the cell phone outside the pyramid it only moved a couple of degrees back and forth.

Now that it is properly aligned again I will have to try the cell phone inside the pyramid again.



Today I ordered a DNA kit from The test will take about 4-6 weeks after they have received the returned DNA samples. Will let you know what I am made off.


Water Watchers Elora

Today I started a fb group with the above named group. The reason is that Nestle recently purchased a property that contains an artesian well in Elora. This water is of excellent quality and Nestle is planning to eventually deplete this well by taking over one million liters of water per day. This water is pumped into bulk trailers and driven to Nestle’s plant in Aberfoyle.

This means over one-hundred trucks a day. The damage that will be done to the environment will be unbelievable. Furthermore Middlebrook Road is a country road and is not built to withstand the damage caused by these heavy trucks.  So the question arises who is going to pay for the road upgrade and or repair? We the tax payers? Nestle only pays $3.50 per one-million liters for the water they take, so are their corporate taxes going to pay for this? I doubt it.

In my old country, vehicles are taxed on their weight. So larger cars are paying more than smaller ones. The same for trucks, it would be a good scheme to take over. At least such road tax pays for the upkeep.

The County of Centre Wellington is eventually growing to a population of 35,000 people. These new people need water, does this mean that the county is going to have water trucked in to feed these people? Again, a heavy burden on the tax payers.

I wish for once the Ontario Government has the foresight to deny Nestle’s water permit.



A totally new web site

Unfortunately, due to moving to a new hosting company, I lost all my settings as I had not copied the database file from the old host. So the entire backup is apparently useless.

Keeps life interesting.